What is a JEP in Java?

Your thoughts?


The first JEP (JEP 1) lays out exactly what these are and sheds light on the overall Roadmap process for Java..

The whole idea behind the JEP is to continuously provide an updated list of proposals for future releases of the JDK that is centralized and easily accessible.

As specified in the official documentation for JEP 1, the requirements for a JEP are as follows...

  1. Must require 2+ weeks of effort
  2. Must result in a significant change to the JDK
  3. Developers want it (highly requested)

Of course this criteria is about as descriptive as anything up for debate :) but the idea is a JEP requires major changes unlike a minor change or bug fix.

The OpenJDK leads have the ultimate authority on what gets worked on or chosen.

It should be noted that a JEP doesn't require working code. This leads to some crazy ideas that are "outside the box" or "whacky" (as described by the official documentation).

In other words, a JEP is far from a finalized feature.


The purpose of a JEP is to allow OpenJDK committers to submit ideas or offer recommendations for things that SHOULD BE future releases in Java.

A JEP is by no means a finalized plan of action or guarantee that something will be implemented in Java upcoming release.


It's all part of Java's long, convoluted release process :)


to my understanding it is a feature request basically.