Beanstalk with NodeJS getting Failed to deploy application. Failed to check health. Verify the permissions on the environment's service role and try again later. Permissions changes take up to two hours to propagate?

Your thoughts?


This is really easy to bypass if you switch to basic health...


There are a few ways to solve this issue.

You can disable the "Enhanced" health reporting by going to your Environment in AWS console -> Configuration -> Monitoring and switching to "Basic".

If you still want to keep the enhanced health reporting, then I recommend either setting up a custom role with the necessary policies for BeanStalk including "AWSBeanStalkElasticHealth".

From research I did online, I found others had similar issue so not sure if this is a bug with BeanStalk or if people are just configuring things wrong. But understand that you need to evaluate the service account role that is managing your Beanstalk deploys if you want to keep the enhanced health reporting and are having this issue.

Otherwise just switch to "Basic" and you should be good.


switch to Basic health reporting to quickly bypass this issue.

You can also play around with how you are configuring the service roles. If you are using EB CLI then it will automatically try to configure a service role (typically aws-elasticbeanstalk-service-role).

There are open bugs where the environment will fail to use the role on subsequent deploys. We fixed this by deploying a new env and manually configuring a role with the necessary policies attached.


had this same problem...simply redeployed in a new env and it solved the issue for me.


had same issue. just delete and redeploy new instance.