Amanda Waters

    What is an algorithm?

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    What is the best way to deploy a Docker container to AWS?

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    What are the limitations of Lambda serverless?

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    Bash Tutorial: getopts

    An introduction to parsing command line arguments with the getopts command including parameters, multiple arguments, and error handling with examples.

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    The Top 5 Tech Interview Tips No One Is Talking About

    Understand how to impress a tech interviewer without being the smartest person in the room.

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    ChatGPT and the Future of Software Engineers

    In a world of low code frameworks, open source AI tools, and an obsession with automation, what the future demand of software engineering looks like in 2023.

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    Why is Kafka important?

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    What is a microservice?

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    What is a microservice?

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    Which Version of Java Should You Use?

    A discussion surrounding the different versions of Java including the difference between SE and EE as well as key features of Java 7, 8, and 9.

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    Should I upgrade to Java 17?

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